UNISTAR provides prepaid meters, systems and services to electricity companies for distribution and improved revenue collection strategy. 


Below is an overview of the features of our meters:

Customers can buy credit with their card in any vending station in the zone or arrears In addition to buying credit tokens or with I C card in vending stations, customers can also buy recharged token in the service center (via POS, recharge voucher) and through mobile phones

  • Three levels alarm
  • Cryptographic keys
  • Meter info management
  • Customer info management
  • Purchase credit
  • Refundment
  • Audit
  • Terminals management


  • Running on one computer:Three subsystems can be installed in one computer for running.
  • Running on one network:Three subsystems can run in different computers separately.


  • Customer Info. Query
  • Customer Integrated Data Query
  • Operation Card Info. Browse
  • Tariff Modification Records Browse
  • Open Account Info. Stat.
  • Office Sales of Electricity Stat.
  • Terminal Sales of Electricity Stat.
  • Operator Sales of Electricity Stat.
  • Consumption Classification Stat.
  • Operation Information Browse
  • Read Monitor Card Data
  • Terminal Sales of Electricity Analysis
  • Customer Purchased Credit Analysis
  • Abnormal Customers Analysis
  • Open Account Report
  • Exchange Meter Report
  • Migration Report
  • Transfer Report
  • Suspension/Restoration Report
  • Write Off Report
  • Personalize Card Statistic
  • Purchase Credit Statistic
  • Re-create Card Statistic

  • WINDOWS operation screen
  • Graphical design
  • Menu operation
  • Hint of operation errors
  • Simple and convenient operation

The first level of safety-----operating level:

  • Operator’s account number and password
  • Operator’s authority for operating menu
  • Operation key is used
  • PSAM card is used
  • Login again after having a break
  • The terminals can run only after authorized

The second level of safety-----data level:

  • The smart card is a IC card with CPU
  • Perfect cryptographic keys 7 keys
  • 3 DES encryption arithmetic 
  • A card, for only one meter,
  • A unique key, for only one card

The third level of safety-----Audit:

  • Operation records of operator
  • Billing records
  • Service records

  • Easy revenue collection
  • Easy recovery of customer debt/outstanding
  • Allocation of energy according to transformer hence it prevents overloading of transformers.
  • Proper accountability of energy dispense to customers
  • Data protection and security.
  • Provision of various reports for management decision.

Our Meters